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Sonia Salloum

Community Outreach Coordinator

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Our youth are our leaders of today, tomorrow and the future.

Three years ago, I met Mo Langley and her husband Tom Spry at a fundraiser in San Clemente supporting the mental health for youth.  It was then, we started to discuss an underserved community - siblings of special needs children. 

I have always served my community, strived for change and empowering youth to have a voice. However, Sandy Feet Initiative clearly was going to be another way to not only impact a NEW VOICE but to assist my youngest daughter in expressing her voice in something she has been managing for years with her older sister.  Finally, a place to connect with other like-minded children and parents managing two sides of the coin and trying to keep balance in the home.  


Sandy Feet is on a lifelong journey to empower those who have been so quiet for so long.  A blessing to all of us and I am happy to bring my fundraising skills to a loving organization. 

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