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How to Let Young Siblings Know You Care

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


How to Let Young Siblings Know You Care

We asked over fifty adult brothers and sisters of people with disabilities:

“When you were younger, what did your parents, family members, and service providers do to make you feel special and let you know they cared?”

Here’s what they told us.

  I grew up in a home where everyone was treated equally. Even though I'm sure my sister got special attention, it felt like we were all held to the same standard.

  I think it's important for parents to acknowledge typically-developing siblings' accomplishments, big AND small, even if it's just with a verbal "well done" or "I'm proud of you. I hope you're proud of yourself too."

  My mom would lay in bed with me after putting my brother to bed. We would just talk about anything and everything, and those fifteen to thirty minutes of uninterrupted time with her every day put our relationship on the right track.

  When a sibling helps with a brother or sister who has special needs, small compliments and appreciation go a long way.

  My sister’s Speech Therapist let me know that I was super important because I was the only one who could really understand my sib's language!

  My brother’s tutors make an effort to say hello to me, and ask me how things are going.

  A doctor made sure I was included in conversations, had space for me, and made sure I wasn’t forgotten.

Edited by Don Meyer, Cristina Breshears, and Patrick Martin. © The Sibling Support Project. All rights reserved.

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