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My name is Danielle but I go by Dani at camp!  I have been with Sandy Feet Initiative for five years; two years as a camper and volunteer, and three years as a facilitator. 


I have an older brother who’s been diagnosed with Lissencephaly, which is a rare brain disorder.  My brother also struggles daily with seizures and pulmonary issues. He is wheelchair-bound and cannot talk. Although my brother is unable to care for himself he brings lots of joy into my life. He is strong, inspirational, and has a great smile!


The thing that I love most about Sandy Feet is how excited the children are when they come to camp every week!  Being able to see these children's faces light up as they come to camp and get to take a break from the world around them is so amazing.


I am currently a Sibshop Supervisor at Sandy Feet Initiative. I am also currently going to college to get my bachelor's degree in psychology, and then planning on going for my master's.

Sandy Feet Initiative is a great atmosphere to come and connect with other siblings that have similar experiences. I’m really happy I found Sandy Feet and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future!


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