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Hi, I’m Joe. I’m a Youth Leader for Sandy Feet Initiative.

After my time volunteering for Sandy Feet back in October 2021, I became a certified Sibshop facilitator and started working the camps in early 2022.  My current responsibilities as Youth Leader include co-facilitating our youth camps, engaging with all participants, and ensuring kids have a fun and safe camp experience.

As the sibling to my brother with autism, I share many of the anxieties the kids have about their own siblings.  Giving the kids a chance to speak about their struggles and self-management tools can, I hope, help the kids through their struggles.  These group and one-on-one discussions, plus the self-care activities, are among my favorite aspects of the program to lead.

Outside of Sandy Feet, I’m a full-time student studying business administration and video editing.

I’m looking forward to meeting you on the beach!

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